Wednesday, July 22, 2009

STRICKEN! # Michelle Obama's New Hair


Why is it that when a woman reaches a certain age, position, etc. they feel the need to chop their hair off? To see a picture of Michelle Obama's new 'do -- click HERE.

I take major issue with this. Her hair was fine the way it was. It suited her. She looked pretty, while still looking professional enough to be First Lady. But obviously someone got to her, and now it is short. Like every other "professional" woman of a certain age. I had this same reaction when CBS obviously made Katie Couric cut her hair. Like, making her look more like a man would improve the ratings of the CBS Evening News. Pleeeease.

Personally I cannot EVER see myself going down this road -- on principle, yes -- but also because my hair is fine as f*ck and will just cling to my head if it's short.

Ladies -- can we please stop thinking we need to cut our hair off to play with the big boys?

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